The connection and relation of lamps and shades date back to the 18th century. With the invention of lamps, there was the invention of lamp shades. They were made in order to direct lights onto something, but as time passed away they were used as the tool to block the direct light to fall upon people’s eyes. More importantly, they are more of a decor and style statement in any home than a lightning tool.

A beautiful shade can bring back glory to any old lamp stands. The shades add beauty to the already beautiful lamp stands and enhance its beauty. The shapes and sizes of the lamp shades have been changing according to the fuel the lamps used. The electric one that we use goes well with any shades you want. Today, the lampshades come in all the different shapes, sizes, designs and colours which add beauty to the light the lamp throws. A lamp shade makes a lamp more than a source of light. It makes it a beautiful piece of art.

Lampshades are available in many shapes and sizes. The sizes are measured in width and height. But the shapes that come in can make people overwhelmed. The lampshades can be typically grouped into five shapes. They are square, rectangle, oval, drum shaped and bell-empire. These are the popular choices of people but there are other shapes too such as hexagon and many sub categories of the original five shapes.

The interesting thing about the lamp shades is the materials they are made up of. They come in a number of different materials, which is very good for the buyers, because they have so many options to choose from. The lampshades are made up of paper, different fabrics, glass, bamboo, leather and so many other fibres. Then there is the wide variation of colour you can choose from. The colour ranges from black, white, white-ivory to any other colour like pink, blue etc. The many options don’t stop here. They are found in innumerable patterns, prints and designs. The patterns differ from one shade to the other. But if you still aren’t satisfied with the patterns you are getting, you can always have them customized. The decorations you can do is not limited to prints bit goes a step forward to beads and crystals.

The beads again can be found in a range of material, like plastic, glass or crystal. These beads can be strung to a thread or metal and can be hung down the rims of the shade be brought to many designs on the surface of the shade. The beauty of the beads is that they emits the light in the most beautiful and translucent manner, throwing elegant lights all around the room. The designs can be made on the shade by pleating it, and the pleats again come in many designs. You always have options to choose from when it comes to lamp shades.

If you are looking for a one of a kind lampshade, you can have that too. The vintage and tiffany lamp shade collection are the right choice for you in such case. However, the genuine of these costs a fortune but if a replica will do equal good to you then you can have them in an affordable price. The normal lampshades that you can find come in an affordable price. There are some expensive ones but they are worth the price you pay. Regularly, a shade can cost from under $25 to over $200. What you pay for you shade is up to you and also depended upon the kind of material, design and patterns it has.

A shade has the power to transform the entire look of your home. With every shade and every pattern and every colour, there is a new look and you can get what you want. You can find your rooms to be classic vintage to sleek modern and then again to retro. You name it you have it. The shades won’t only change the way your old lamp or your room looks. It will bring vibrant, new energy to your environment. The lamps and the shades are inseparable. They need each other always. Thus, no matter how new the shade is or how old the lamp is, they compliment one another well. They work together and they both must be given care for their durability. They are a match made in heaven and they look beautiful together. The best of them is seen when they are together.